Experience in development and
integration custom software for each user

Remote access

Instead of arriving at a location, minor errors and failures are resolved by connecting our technicians to your computer from a remote location.

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Data backup

Together with our partner, IDrive Inc., Saguaro info provides services of internet secure backup, aka „Cloud Backupa“, for your computer (server)

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Firewall systems

Sales, installation, and maintenance of a network device firewall designed to filter and secure network traffic.

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Designing custom solutions

We offer the design and installation of equipment for computer networks, conference rooms, classrooms, etc...

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Designing and programming web application and web sites


Modern design

We follow world trends in the development of modern web applications for our users, both applications that are made according to the rules and standards of the Republic of Croatia, as well as applications that are made for specific user requirements. We use PHP, ASP.net, MySQL, MSSQL, Ajax (jQuery) technologies to build application solutions.

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Our Team

Is made up of recognized IT professionals with years of experience who guarantee superior service.

Dario Zorko

Back-end developer

Boris Buljan

Lead programmer

Aleksandra Bartolić

Head of accounting

Goran Bartolić


Emil Mujagić

Front-end developer



*NOTICE: All prices displayed in €, are payable in HRK at the ZGB selling rate on the day of payment and do not include VAT. We recommend calling us for larger projects and other types of services! Prices are without VAT.

  • HTML i CMS
  • Title Price
    Creating a server CMS site 490,00
    Modification of existing CMS sites 390,00
    Creating HTML pages with structure and design 420,00
    Modification of existing HTML site 380,00
  • Programming, design and servicing
  • Title Quantity Price
    (minimal unit of account is 30 min)
    1h 500,00
    Tehnician 1h 360,00
    System engineer 1h 460,00
    Servicing 1h 250,00
    Arrival at the location 100,00
    Diagnostic 100,00
  • Work abroad
  • Title Quantity Price
    Tehnician 1h 47,00 €
    Engineer 1h 65,00 €
  • Description Quantity Price
    Producer-director (at the user's location) 2.500,00
    Camera (at the user's location) 1 piece 2.000,00
    Tehnical support from remote location 1h 360,00
    Tehnical support at the event location 1h 440,00
    Additional options must be agreed separately price on request

*NOTICE: The price of daily allowance, travel expenses, accommodation and working hours per work order is calculated for work abroad. We reserve the right to change prices without notice. All prices apply for services provided during business hours Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Prices are in HRK
You can see more details about the price list notices

How to reach us



Saguaro info, d.o.o.
Gorice 114/b
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 1 2313 200

Saguaro info d.o.o. for Informatics and Commerce
OIB 56941305823; MB 1374176; MBS 080230004
Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb, 20.05.1998.
RBA: IBAN HR4724840081105118078

CEO and owner Goran Bartolić, Share capital 20.000,00 HRK, Members of the Management Board Goran Bartolić and Aleksandra Bartolić

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